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Follow the link for more information. For the Game Boy title called Mystic Quest in Europe, see Final Fantasy Adventure. Japan, is a role-playing video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In the game, the player controls a youth named Benjamin in his quest to save the world. His goal is to reclaim a set of stolen crystals that determine the state of the world’s four elemental powers.

The gameplay takes a departure from the main series in a variety of ways. The game features a unique way of traveling the world map. Unlike past Final Fantasy games, players cannot freely roam the world map. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest eliminates the system of random enemy encounters, a trademark of the main series. Instead, battles are represented in dungeons as stationary enemy sprites, and the player is given the option of approaching the enemy and engaging a battle. Character health is represented by an incremental life bar, although the player may choose to have it displayed in numerical fractions as in most role-playing games. If all character life bars reach zero, the game is over, but the player is given the option of continuing and restarting the battle.