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It’s astonishing just how successful the Wii Fit franchise has been for Nintendo since it first graced our living rooms in 2008. Therefore, it’s not too surprising that Nintendo has opted to build upon the franchise’s immense success and use it to catapult the Wii U towards the mainstream. Of course, the video games market has changed quite drastically since Wii Fit Plus released in 2009, not to mention that the Wii U hasn’t had anywhere near the same impact as its predecessor. When compared to its prequels, Wii Fit U feels instantly nintendo wii u walmart usa, yet it’s also far more comprehensive and entertaining than what was on offer previously.

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For example, one of Nintendo’s key focuses this time around has been to make people even more aware of the calories they’re consuming and burning. It’s worth noting that Wii Fit U isn’t nearly intensive enough to warrant cancelling your gym membership, but it does have a few activities that will break a sweat. Moreover, the ability to set up in-game routines means you can avoid lots of downtime between activities should you wish. In this regard, Nintendo has gone one step further with Wii Fit U and released an additional peripheral called a Fit Meter, which is essentially an enhanced pedometer. It interacts directly with the your Wii U system and accurately allows you to gamify your activity outside of the game. Outside of the statistics, the Fit Meter’s interaction with the game is unfortunately quite limited. As stated above, you can gamify your real-life steps by using them to complete a virtual tour of a real-life location.

When it comes to games making the most of what the Wii U has to offer, Wii Fit U is certainly one of the better examples. If there’s one area in which Wii Fit U falls down, however, it’s the new community feature. Here, players can join or create a gym community, yet there’s not really much you can do once you’re in one. All that happens is that the gym’s information page lists a breakdown of what type of activities players within the gym are playing and highlights any players who have recently met their goal.